Eva Clüsserath’s Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling wines are among the best in the German Mosel valley

Tasting Note

For a while, I wondered why the number of people drinking Riesling is not higher. Riesling needs more attention. In recent years critics have written often enough about the turnaround in Riesling’s fortunes. Riesling is no longer the boring wine with a neutral taste you find in the local supermarket, rather the opposite. A good Riesling shows the taster the ropes, yet an excellent Riesling can make you re-evaluate your priorities. 

Let’s start with Weingut Ansgar Clüsserath’s Apotheke Trittenheim. Apotheke lies on the right bank of the Mosel, opposite the village of Trittenheim and is one of Trittenheim’s finest individual vineyard sites. The soil contains slate and rocks, perfect for Riesling. Add to that, vines of at least 80 years old, plus winemaker Eva Clüsserath-Wittmann. 

More than 20 years ago, Eva Clüsserath-Wittmann took up the reins of the estate that her ancestors had founded in 1670. Eva sees herself more as a “wine collaborator” than a winemaker. She works closely with nature in the vineyard and intervenes as little as possible in the cellar.

Eva Clüsserath-Wittmann’s wines are precise and lyrical. She orchestrates the top and mid-tones during the slow fermentation with the natural yeasts. The fine lees remain on the wine until summer, making them taste richer and gaining depth and structure.

The result is a wine with traceable minerals, lively freshness and layered fruitiness with stone fruits, apricot, apple and tropical mango. 

Eva Clüsserath is a veritable phenomenon. Her wines,  especially the wines from the Trittenheimer Apotheke vineyard, are among the best in Germany’s Mosel Valley.

Wine Info

Style – medium-bodied red

Grape varieties – Riesling

Vintage – 2018

Country – Germany

Appellation – Mosel

Region – Mittelmosel, Bernkastel-Wittrich

Producent – Weingut Ansgar Clüsserath

Winemaker – Eva Clüsserath

Alcohol – 8.5%

Vineyards – Trittenheimer Apotheke

Ageing potential – 10 years

Serving temperature – 10º to 12º

Score – 92 points

Website – Weingut Ansgar Clüsserath