Rooted vision

When you combine the wine ambition of Finca San Blas’ owners, the Zahonero family, with the vision of the innovative winemaker oenologist Nicolás Sánchez don’t be surprised when the wine speaks to you


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Wine Photography

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Photos create visual journals of the wine world and its people. They are an abstraction from real life, yet the images look real. They recall and document foregone situations. That’s why they are a unique source of reflection & remembrance. View my growing collection of photographs from wine cellars to portraits to vinescapes. 

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The art of tasting 

Tasting is an experience for all of the senses. Learning to appreciate wine opens your mind to a multidimensional world where colour, aroma and taste play with each other. Taste is always perceptible but never quite the same. It is this multifaceted expression that makes wine so irresistible.

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