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So you want to be a wine media and travel writer I was asked a long time ago. I sure did. I started with travel writing. Yet, when I was given the chance of a lifetime to enter the wine world I did so wholeheartedly. Moreover, I continuously scribble and write about wine. I record everything, tasting notes, observations, explanations by winemakers. Often these notes are scattered and personal but always inspired by the people I meet or the things I taste or eat. WineJus has the aspiration to inspire people about wine but will write occasionally about spirits and food too.

What I love about wine

Nothing can keep me away from the immediacy of wine. I taste, I judge, educate and write about wine. The power of curiosity drives me to want to know more. I enjoy discovering the traceable links to the origin of the wine, the specificity of place and the people who made it. A sense of place is important in my eyes. One of the reasons I travel to places where the wine is made to taste the grapes and see the local viticultural practices. Winegrowers are my first resort for information and stories; exchanging information with fellow colleagues and wine enthusiasts another. Whatever the source, I just write it all down and share it with you on WineJus. Admittedly, I always had a healthy appetite for the endless combinations of wine with food too. Look out for some wine-food pairings as well.



Tough choice?

There is such a huge variety on the market that the choice of wine can be complicated, even for a trained wine taster. The bewildering choice of wines from various producers, regions, and countries doesn’t help either. Nor the fact that wine uses five different sensory systems: sight, touch, taste, smell, and touch. It’s not only wine, but it’s also personal taste. Being a wine professional, people often ask me what my favorite wine is. I don’t have one, although I can tell you which type of wines I savor. I like well made, balanced wines, wines made with passion. Yet, I cherish the element of surprise and experiment too, whether it is the region, grape, blend or how the wine is made. If you want some advice: push yourself consistently to go for better wine. Not necessarily more expensive, just better. Dig a bit deeper, learn something more or new, travel, study, investigate, delve into, explore and discover what you like!

WineJus: read, read,  just the word wine is enough

I hope you’ll like WineJus and open it every so often. I post here on regularly. I like sourcing new, old, cool, intriguing and delicious wines and stories. Look out for my wine recommendations. Please enjoy!