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Latest photographs

Candid allure

Winejus’ photographs capture everyday situations. They celebrate the stolen, candid moments of the people, places and vines that give birth to wine. Taken quickly and casually, they are like unfolding documentaries visualizing a world otherwise hidden.



Cellar lights are snapshots that visualize the uniqueness of the (wine) cellar, a world otherwise hidden.


Couleur locale snapshots visualise impressions characteristic of a specific region or historical period, of its couleur locale. 


Portraits have always been more than just a record. A portrait is a visual representation of meeting a particular person. 


Vintage history are snapshots from harvests in the past. They visualise the uniqueness of an certain era, a bygone or forgotten world.


Vineyards have always been more than just a place. A vineyard is a representation of a particular landscape. 


A variety of fun and amusing snapshots about grapes, vineyards winemaking, wine, food and spirits.