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Positively Cretan 

The coasts of Crete are famous for their beauty, but there is also great pleasure in spending time in the enticing inland adorned with stunning landscapes and green vineyards. We are heading to restaurant Bakaliko in the ancient wine village of Archanes for some fine food and wines. 


Flavour corresponds with certain perceptions. Flavour is linked to a distinctive taste, in wine made possible through existence of minerals. Comes in sapidity. When Italian tasters refer to ‘Sapidità’ or Sapidity they talk about savoury notes of salinity as a source of freshness.

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Photos create visual journals of the wine world and its people. They are an abstraction from real life, yet the images look real. They recall and document foregone situations. That’s why they are a unique source of reflection & remembrance. View my growing collection of photographs from wine cellars to portraits to vinescapes.